Eileen, Owner, Wedding Planner & Wedding Officiant

Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life!  I have always loved the romance and excitement that surrounds a wedding day!  So it was fitting for me to have a career in the wedding industry. In 2009, I started Down The Aisle Ceremonies with the sole purpose of designing a ceremony and wedding day that perfectly reflects each couple, their beliefs, personalities, and styles.  

Jamie, Wedding Planner, Officiant

With the same passion as the rest of our team, Jamie is determined to give her couples a ceremony that truly represents who they are. Nothing is more important to her than knowing her couples are 100% satisfied and will look back on their day with beautiful memories!.

Helen, Officiant, Assistant Planner

Helen takes great care of her couples, making sure every detail of their ceremony is perfect!  Like the rest of our team, Helen understands the emotions and excitement that comes hand in hand with a wedding day.  Giving her couples the ultimate wedding experience is her top priority.

Jill, Officiant, Assistant Planner

Down The Aisle Ceremonies is SO LUCKY to have Jill as part of our team!  She takes such good care of her couples and wants them to truly have the best wedding day memories.  Jill loves her "job", although NONE of us feel like we are working... as Jill often says, "it's too exciting to actually feel like a job!"

Jeannie, Officiant, Assistant Planner

Jeannie's goal.... for all of her couples to look back on their wedding day with nothing but joy...and she always delivers. Jeannie is organized, calm, and truly a happy person to be around!! Great combination!

Kata, Officiant, Assistant Planner

When Kata leaves her weddings, she often calls one of our team to recap the highlights of the day! Not many people get to leave work and feel so happy that you want to immediately talk about! Kata is determined to give each couple a wedding day memory they will cherish forever!

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We are a team of Officiants & Wedding Planners 100% dedicated to designing a ceremony to reflect YOUR personality and beliefs and helping you create a day to remember!  We LOVE what we do and feel honored to be a part of each ceremony!   As owner, I am 100% confident that each Down The Aisle Ceremonies Officiant and Planner will deliver a ceremony you will treasure forever!   Eileen Stevens, Owner


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E  DownTheAisleWeddings@icloud.com

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